Assignment 1 Blog 3-Why Grime Music is getting popular

Shabir Jobanputra stated that the Grime is a powerful culture as a youth movement right now. Dj Semtex said that the essence of Grime is anti authority. Urban music radio station BBC 1xtra pointed that its messages are representative of a youth that feels disenfranchised and disconnected. Grime offers voice to the voiceless. Grime has become emblematic of a new era of self-reliant music-making. “It has got more popular because some key artists have figured out a path that works for them,” DJ Semtex says. “Hip-hop culture has taken 40 years to get to where it is today. Grime has only been around for 13 years. It is still trying to find its way.” (Ft, 2016)

Grime is becoming popular in United Kingdom, the music industry heavyweights and people began to trust Grime as a credible addition to the culture of British music, something to be proud of, a scene to respect. It is a lifestyle, to be pioneered by the working class struggle, such as Wiley, Kano, and Dizzee Rascal to give a voice to children who were otherwise marginalised and silenced by a society that didn’t attempt to get to know them. (Platt, 2016)

Grime developed apace with the recordings of Dizzee Rascal (real name, Dylan Mills) who is primary star of Grime and his album, Boy in the Corner which won the Mercury Music Prize, described as ‘a jagged, disenfranchised world alien to the experience of most Britons’ (Campion, 2004). The rapid-fire raps of Rascal reflected the urban environment he grew up within: the East End of London and more specifically, the South Bow council estate. This was an urban space characterized by deprivation and street violence, as the lyrics for the track ‘Brand New Day’ illustrate with rhymes that stress teenage violence between rival estates and gun crime. Later in the song, the social horizons and life chances of living in such an area are further emphasized with a potent tinge of social hopelessness. (Barron, 2013)

In the Europe of the Middle Ages, where music might keep hugely the same for hundreds of years. Selwyn Duke stated that the cultural is able to influence the music. And it is no coincidence that in medieval times something else also keep quite constant: culture. It is obvious to people that changes in music hew closely to changes in society’s consensus worldview. This is why musical tastes change so rapidly today. (sonicbids,2016)

The popular music of our day reflects the culture of our day. As the spirit of grime music culture which express the emotion of the east London who live in there and not only the east London, there are still many places where are very dark and the Grime music is straight forward to people’s heart.  that is why this genre of music can rise in the world. Although the parole of Grime music is dark, people should think deeply why Grime music express this kind of emotion and find the reason, then change it.


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One thought on “Assignment 1 Blog 3-Why Grime Music is getting popular

  1. I really liked how you backed up your points with some great quotes and references. You could perhaps explore more in depth the relation between grime music and its ever-growing culture. You could also look into what defines grime culture and how it compares to other popular music cultures such as punk.

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