Assignment 1, Blogs 3: City Music – Musicians of the times .

Technology led to record sales decline, however is the best for musicians of the times.  —— Terry Ellis


Currently, the digital music has posed a far-reaching threat to the record industries, that the music industry continue to try to profit the new business model, in order to break through the current record market is facing the dilemma. For Independent music by the digital music of the negative impact is small, through the digital music and the combination of the Internet, that will contribute to the independent musician music creation and publicity. Music as an element of modern life, the operation of the business mechanism to create a large number of music goods. However, in the evolution of science and technology to stimulate, its form and content also change. By the network and other new technologies, in recent years the rapid decline of the record market. According to the global music market research institutions IFPI(International Federation of the Phonographic Industry), Taiwan’s annual sales of pop music albums from nearly 50 million in 1997, fell to 6 million in 2007, the record market situation can be said consumption that all the way go down. ( Pien Tsung-Ying, 2009)
The other hand, for independent music industry since 2000 previously classified as an alternative / underground / independent artists, orchestra gradually come to Taiwan to occupy the Golden Melody Awards. Then, providing the emerging music creative performer stage music activities are also more and more such as Live house. (Jeng Kai Tung, 2005) In the past few years, the number of participants has grown explosively, with independent music as the main music festival  (Spring Scream, Formoz Festival, Hohaiyan Rock Festival). Relative to the pop music industry’s depression, while the independent music marketing grow steadily.


Founded in 1969, the British music record Chrysalis Records, founder Terry Ellis in the Singapore Music Industry Forum Music Matters recalled the history of his creation of Chrysalis Records, as a microcosm of the past 40 years of rock music history, so that participation in the era of musicians can empathy. Terry mentioned that he served as Led Zeppeline, Jeff Beck rock legendary brokers in the 1960s and 1970s, and the main job is to arrange campus tour and pub performances, the band rely on stage charm to conquer the masses, overnight became local word of mouth Celebrity. At that time, the musicians’ income is from the concert tickets, albums just “propaganda tool”, in order to let the radio to promote their performances, play their songs, had to enter the studio; and he in order to promote his own band, also had to create Chrysalias Record.



In the mid-eighties, record sales began to take off until the peak of the 1990s, the musician must find a way to get a contract, this way between the record company and the musician between the master and servant, musicians career almost all gamble in the record company’s development strategy, he believes that this is not a good of the ecology.


Terry Ellis, a 72-year-old who sees technology as a new wave of music and streaming music, Although the CD sales in decline, but the performance of ticket sales are growing, so the business model from selling CD need to change sell tickets of the show. On the record company is not a good news, but for performing arts is a good thing also with the new artist.



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