Assignment 1 Blog 2: Popular music of TAIWAN

Cultural diversity is the core of Taiwan. As Taiwan used to be an important base or forte for the merchants or strong forces from different countries since 16th century, hence Taiwan have been exposed to different cultures.

For instant, American, Japanese and Korea style of music are products of foreign cultural transmission, which lead to the downfall of the local art and culture. In order to influence the youngster with the trend, some media will degrade the mother language and limit its development. Therefore, some of the youngsters do know how to sing foreign pop music, but they having issues to understand local music and tend not to concern the development of local songs. This is quite pathetic and it does concern me a lot.

Impact from the Americans is especially obvious. It could be found in many aspects, such as media, film, television industry, music and others. Among these industries, pop music is the most popular and accepted widely by young people in Taiwan, and pop music from the America does have affected the lifestyle of young People in Taiwan.

Music can reflect the times, and show the social scene at that time. Music could reflect the feelings of the people, and could convey people’s feelings. If a song is composed to convey the feeling or the same experience shared by the same people at some particular times such as nostalgia, it will therefore become more popular and a trend, a wave echoing among people who shared the same emotion. If a song is treated as a media to complain the injustice and dissatisfaction in the life we live, to convey the voice of the people, it might touch those people who take a part in the civic activities or movements, and somehow resonating becoming a popular song.

Taiwan was one of Japan colony which leads to a strong influence of Japanese culture. However, during the early era of Taiwan pop music, lots of songs are forbidden due to the Japanese rule.

Taiwan pop music start around 1910, after the 1910’s germination, 20’s heating, 30 years of flourish, and the 40’s decline due to war, this period brought to Taiwan recording technology. Recording technology having huge impact towards the industry and began the first golden age of pop music. With the production of gramophone record, music can be spread with glimpse of eye to the public which make the industry flourish.

“Taiwan popular music database”, a website supported by Taipei City Bureau of Culture, did provide a lot of information regarding Taiwan pop music. The purpose of this website is to have a plan and systematic integration for Taiwan after the recovery to the contemporary publishing of popular songs, Effective preservation of music and cultural assets, so that decentralized music resources through the digital collection has a perfect platform to organize, save, and provide a complete network of music data platform which able to reduce the burden of researchers and users in search of music-related information, and for universal access to use.


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One thought on “Assignment 1 Blog 2: Popular music of TAIWAN

  1. Basically, I can see that you mentioned pop music in Taiwan are influenced by America, Japan and Korean in this blog. I agree with you that you said Taiwanese music presents the diversity of different ethnics. However, you haven’t discussed the pop music of Taiwanese itself, the Chinese cultural root, and the combination of the aboriginal music culture. In my opinion, those can be regarded as significant parts of Taiwanese pop music history. In addition, I think your topic is a little bit too broad. Maybe you can focus on Taiwanese pop music in the period of time, or the specific genre of music like you and and then discuss the connection of culture meaning and society in Taiwanese pop music.

    In terms of the reference, I found that you only use the Chinese resources. I would suggest you to reference the bibliography in English. I would recommend you to read some articles of “refashioning pop music in Asia” which talks about some issues in the pop music history culture in Taiwan such as The Greater China myth, Echoes of Empire, and Nakaxi women, etc.

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