Off The Record Conference and Showcase – (Manchester)

When we were informed of this event to take place on the 04th November ’16 in Manchester I was excited at the lineup of events on the website. – It was jam packed with all that I could not a have imagined. I was like a child in a candy store as I was torn apart in trying to decide what talk or workshop I would start with as the workshops and talks were running concurrently. Everything looked exciting and informative on paper and this was so on the actual day. A lot of thought clearly was put into organising the event. This was not the only thing that fascinated me, as I had not been on a train in over 15years!



The event covered many aspects and issues in the music industry. Whether you are a fresh newcomer or an old hand in the industry, there was definitely something for everybody. The one thing I did not anticipate was being handed information, literally, on a silver platter, that was crucial to completing my assignment, which was due in a couple of days. This killed two birds with one stone (as they would say). This goes to prove that information is not only acquired in a lecture room.

This also gave us time as a group to get to know each other and not think about the mountains of suggested readings, assignments, and deadlines – hahaha!!. It was also perfect as we got time to speak with Matt our Lecturer and address any issues, concerns or elaborate on course content and anything we were not quite sure of (more like an extended tutorial).

After the talks and workshops we were treated to free drinks; a student’s dream. To cap it all, there were 30 bands performing live at 6 different venues all within walking distance and scheduled to run until 4am. These were upcoming artists in varying genres that could be your next favourite band or musician. Well, you cannot finish any other way on a music conference, just the cherry on the cake! ‘Superb’ and very educational.

Line up – Conference Talks and Workshops

  • How to get over the noize
  • If you are gonna do it do it right-Putting a gig on properly
  • New music from an old friend – making the most of the help that’s out there
  • In conversation with Shadez the misfit
  • Summer of love –how to get on the festival circuit
  • The label of love – In conversation with Tim Burgess and Camille Bennett
  • A match made in heaven – exploring the musician / manager relationship
  • Its more fun to compute
  • In conversation with Brian Cannon and Davis Drake
  • Q&A with Andy Burnham and Steve Rotherham
  • My generation – breaking the industry
  • In conversation with everything
  • Beginners guide to the music industry
  • Thinking beyond the chart position
  • How to land a sync deal in 9 steps
  • Seven keys to success
  • The off axis gig to network
  • Manchester MIDI school workshop








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