Music with heritage

Cultural of the world develop over time and music is strongly influenced by cultural. It is undeniable that each of the cultural in this world has their own story that can represent by music.


I was born in Taiwan and one of my favorite cities is Tainan. For your information, Taiwan is an Asian country with combination of cultural from different backgrounds. A decade ago, Taiwan used to be a colony of other kingdom and this have a huge impact toward our cultural. Tainan was the first city in Taiwan to flourish in the early years. In the past, it had been dominated by the Dutch, Japanese and Chinese. During the domination of others kingdom, Tainan is starting to merge these different kind of cultural to become a unique and ancient city. This is the reason why Tainan is my favorite city.


Tainan has many famous heritage, for example, the Dutch built over ten years from 1624 to 1634 and originally named was “Orange City ”, now renamed “ Anping Fort “, the other one is “ Eternal Golden Castle” by Chinese. The castle built in 1874 and completed on 1876 by the famous Qing official Shen Baozhen in order to safeguard the coast and to defend the island against Japanese invasions.
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Initially, I hope to present a program that involved music festivals that able to combine local cultural heritage. By attracting local artists to join the program, this will eventually increase the interest of public about the heritage and appreciation towards the artists.For example, by providing the students of the University of the Arts a platform to perform, and then negotiated with the local government and cultural enterprises come out with partnerships. Our main purpose to promote Taiwan’s arts and culture. It can be performed through any form of art, for example, music combined with drama or dance, or even a combination of painting. The festival is expected to begin in July and end in September each year. This is a very popular time to attract local and tourist since it is summer. However, I believe that this activity will attract many artists at the beginning of the program since it is not well known. On the other hand, I do believe that the local government can authorized strong publicity and marketing it in the major network platform. Soon or later, it will attract to the tourists who are interested in historical and cultural around the world.


Thus, this activity will enhance the local economy and tourism industry. The effects of this activity should not be underestimated. At the same time, you can also provide local artists a platform to show their talent to the world. Besides that, we also able to introduce the uniqueness of Taiwan’s culture to the world.


Last but not least, the possibility of this program is high and able to accomplish by using the right strategy. Therefore, I believe this program will have a positive impact towards the society, cultural development and the revenue of the country.



One thought on “Music with heritage

  1. I have traveled to Taiwan before, but only have a strong impression in Taipei because of it’s prosper. After read your introduction, it let me know a little bit more about Tainan. I think your idea is very feasible that it could be a good chance for people know more about Taiwan not just limited in Taipei. I don’t know would Taiwan University have a large campus festival? Perhaps combined with the existing activities in university can quickly attract the attention of young people, and also it is easier to perform on stage for some art or music students in the school. Though a series of concerns spread through the network, for Schools, it is can not only promote the culture of Tainan and Tainan schools, but also school’s enrollment rate. This will make the south of Taiwan more activity.

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