Popular music of culture week 1

Hi, I am Rainie from Taiwan. I graduated from National Taiwan University of Art with the degree of bachelor of fine art, and studied in the Chinese music department. Zhong ruan is my major and I play piano as my minor.  Zhong ruan is a kind of Chinese traditional instrument that sound quite similar to guitar which create sound from the vibrations of the strings. Besides that , I am a member of Chinese orchestra and taught ukulele in an elementary school after my university life. This job is an intriguing job for me. However, the experience did inspire me about the diversity of music. Music is not just a heritage of cultural and art but it is also function as the bridge of communication.

Music become my passion and I wanted to learn more about it. Hence, choosing the course related to music  is definitely the choice. However, I did not posses any fundamental knowledge regarding to popular music. In order to improve myself, stepping out from the comfort zone seem be the only option. I wanted to learn more about music and keep on challenging myself rather than sticking with traditional music. I understand that I would only be better if I am able to explore different kind of music.

Pop music is hard to definition, but from my personal view, it has the following characteristics:

1. Entertainment and leisure:

The recreational nature of pop culture pop culture able to provide a relaxing and  entertaining to all     and it also can create a public common interests.

2. Consumptions, commercial and industrial:

Demand of certain product will increase when most of the people are interested in it. Therefore, in order to ensure the market function accordingly, supply of product must be in increase. Thus, the cultural industry is born because of this.

3. Timeliness:

Commercialized of popular culture had led to the profits maximization as target. In order to achieve so, implementation of upgrade for cultural products must be done. It mean  a period of fashion trends of popular culture is bound to become obsolete, and was replaced by the new fashion trend.


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