Inception of Punk Music

Punk Britannia

Clip 1 – Pre-Punk

Punk was forged by a gateway generation towards the end of 1975 and Doctors of Madness had the task of bridging the musical gap it seems. According to Nick Lowe it was an ancient story told in brand new way. The DIY style and ethos of punk is evident in the video recording.

Clip 2 – Inception

In 1976 Britain seemed to have music that did not represent the different segments more so the young generation who did not associate with the aging Hippies music. Bands such as the Sex Pilot, The Clash and The Damned took a leap into the unknown, with an endeavor to produce music that represented exactly how they felt and wanted to say starting a new genre from scratch defying all proven records of the experienced.

Crass Documentary

The documentary is recorded in a way that that gives a vivid impression of how punk musicians DIY ethos, organic and creative and sustainable way of living and not materialistic with an open door policy. Penny had hoped that by now there would be multiple houses across England such as Dial House. I love the fact that even though the music may sound aggressive however not dictatorial.

Crass is full of love for humanity and the world we live in general and are not intimidated by the big corporations such as BT who wanted to buy their land even though this leaves them broke and living form hand to mouth. However many big organisation have and continue to benefit from their work and merchandise which is the norm within the music industry yet disappointing. Crass accepted anyone to join the band regardless of their musical skills, which I can personally relate to joining and touring with a band for over 10 years however imparting my other skillsets. Using in-house talent and self-sufficient with Dave King designing the logo, undertaking marketing through graffiti sprayed on posters oppose to actual building walls. Crass contributed to canonization of particular bands, performers and artists.

Popular music is a powerful tool that sends messages cursorily to the masses, sets a platform to perform, entertain, prophesy, educate, and heal, as a voice for the so-called voiceless, influences people and in most cases unnerves governments, organisations, communities etc. As a result a memo was sent to house of commons against playing Crass song ‘How does it feel to be a mother of a thousand dead” goes to show the political issues they address. Crass album reflects their dogmatic beliefs in ones’ personal responsibilities.

Grimes Analysis

Grimes (2015) in his article “Call it Crass but there is no authority but yourself: de-canonizing punk’s underbelly” analyses the documentary by Oye whom he highlighted as a well-known director of Popular music history documentaries however there is much controversy on his reputation as he seems to focus on discussions outside social acceptability. The Avant-garde nature of Crass music making unfortunately means they are overlooked in popular histories of punk this is also suggested by Sabin (1999), Berger (2006) and Cross (2007) (cited Grimes, 2015, p.191). It is a desolate thought to note that artists’ position of authority and authenticity lies in the hands of editors and journalists who are not a majority per say.






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